10 Common Mistakes of WordPress Beginners

WordPress makes it very easy to develop a high-quality website, even for beginners. But beginners sometimes fail to do the necessary research that is required and will overlook a few simple guidelines. These common mistakes can compromise the function, speed, and even the security of a website. If the beginner does fail to follow these guidelines, she will see a decrease in traffic and an increase in poor ratings. Fortunately, there are a few simple recovery options that can help the beginner to avoid mistakes in the future if she keeps a few of these watch-outs in mind.

1) Too Many Plugins

A reliable plugin can make a website more functional. Too many plugins can compromise it, especially if they are from an unreliable source. The wise website owner will avoid downloading too many.

2) Forgetting To Schedule Regular Backups

All of your content could be gone in an instant if something goes wrong. One of the most important watchouts is to ensure that content is regularly backed up.

3) Not Making The Site Mobile-Friendly

People browse on their mobile devices very often. If your site is not optimized for the mobile device, it will not be live blackjack responsive and people will not return.

4) Weak Passwords And Default Usernames

A username like “admin” or a password like “password” will invite hackers and spammers.

5) Ignoring Update Notifications

WordPress stays ahead of hackers with these updates. They only take a moment to update.

6) Ignoring SEO

Most traffic will come from search engines. If a website is not optimized for those search engines, nobody will find it.

7) Using A Default Favicon

A favicon is essential to the identity of a website. A website that has its’ own logo as the favicon will be more successful.

8) Not Installing Analytics

Every website owner will need to keep track of her traffic. She will have to know where it is coming from, what SEO tactics are working and what posts are successful.

9) Cut And Paste From Microsoft Word

Writing in Microsoft Word might be an old habit, but it should be broken. It will interfere with the style and formatting of the page.

10) Fixing Default Settings

There are plenty of blogs on the Internet. The most successful ones have their own identity. WordPress comes with default settings, such as the tagline “Just another blog.” Change that and make it yours.

These common mistakes can be avoided by keeping a few basic watchouts in mind when blogging.

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