10 Top WordPress Backup Plugins

How to backup your WordPress websites

Site owners have a tendency to forget about backing up their websites, even when their not making frequent updates. Websites should be backup regularly as a save guard against hackers, fixing corrupted files and several other issues that can arise. With WordPress, there are several plugins available to site administrators to make this an easy task. Here is a top 10 that can be used.

  1. UpdraftPlus is one of the more popular ways to backup a site. Customers rate this with 4.8 stars and it is free. It can be downloaded for free. It can be used with many of the most popular cloud storage sites.
  2. BackupBuddy is not free. It has an automatic system that has its own server set aside for all a customer needs.
  3. VaultPress has a free version and also includes security.
  4. BlogVault is daily and keeps them for thirty days. BlogVault is another free choice.
  5. BackWPup goes to cloud storage or your computer. It will also help repair your database.
  6. BackUpWordPress works with either a Windows or a Linux server. For the program to remain free, it will only download to an email or desktop.
  7. Duplicator is also a site migrator and cloner.
  8. WP-DB-Backup mostly works for just the database on more text oriented sites. The source code for this program can be gotten from GitHub, so the programmers in the world can tinker with it.
  9. WordPress Backup to DropBox is all automatic and even backs up you SQL.
  10. Snapshot is a premium example that can help in all areas needed for a site manager.

For this top 10, all of these are rated over 4 stars on the WordPress site. They are known for their reliability and ease of use. The plugins can be used with most sites, but the administrator should keep all of the basic programs updated. Security is necessary and these will complement each other. Less hacks and code mishaps to have to worry about will keep a site more professional.

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