5 Tips for a Better Website User Experience

When brainstorming ideas for a new website, designers and developers should have only one priority; conversion rates. It doesn’t matter if the primary goal of your website is for your visitors to purchase a product, click on an affiliate link or opt-in to your email list, the rate at which your website is able to convert these visitors into taking action is the main reason you’re developing the site in the first place.

But what about user experience? Providing a quality UX is precisely why your visitor will feel comfortable hanging around long enough to become one of your converts. Here are 5 tips for a web design that will enhance the UX while increasing conversions.

Tip #1 – Clean & Simple Design:
Design your site to be simple and clutter free. Having a clean user interface or UI, is not only visually appealing but it makes the site navigation user friendly and much easier to understand and follow. Think like a kid when creating your buttons and clickable images. Making them large and simplistic will create a more fun and enticing user experience.

Tip #2 – Fast Site Loading
Make sure your home page and landing pages load fast. Web visitors these days are impatient creatures and will not wait around to see your awesome design, compelling videos and stellar content, if it takes 12 seconds for the page to load.

Tip #3 – Use Imagery
Use unique images that are congruent with your message. People are visual by nature and a cool but relevant image will enhance the UX. Strategic placement of images can be used to guide the visitors eyes to the most appropriate places on the site.

Tip #4 – Clear Call-To-Action
You never want the visitor to be confused about what you would like them to do. Having a clear call to action will prevent this from happening. Again, keep things simple. Your visitor is already interested in what you have to offer and will appreciate any clear and concise directions on how they should proceed.

Tip #5 – Easy Checkout Process
Simplify the check-out process. Don’t make your visitor fill out any more information than is necessary to complete the purchase. Statistics confirm a 65% abandonment rate on check-out pages. One reason for this high number is that people get frustrated and annoyed with filling out superfluous information. They just want to buy, so let them.

Remember, creating a quality and compelling UX with your web design directly supports increased conversions. The above 5 tips will help you to accomplish both.

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