Authentication failed in Entourage with POP & SMTP

After switching over from Comcast to ATT I received a free AT&T email account. I already owned a Yahoo POP email account that I setup with my Entourage email client. I tried to include the new ATT/Yahoo email account but I always received this error message:

Authentication failed because Entourage doesn’t support any of the available authentication methods.

I took some time surfing through Google results on the matter but I finally got it working using the following settings.

Setting up your client-based email account

  • Email address:
  • Incoming (POP):
  • Outgoing (SMTP):
    1. Select SMTP server requires authentication
    2. Use same settings as receiving mail server

Advance Settings:

  • Incoming mail server: POP3
  • Incoming mail port number: 995  (make sure secure connection (SSL) is checked)
  • Outgoing mail port number: 465 (make sure secure connection (SSL) is checked)

Do not check the box labeled “Override the default POP port”.
Some users didn’t have to check SSL for the Out going mail.

See screen grabs below:

1) Receiving Mail

Picture 3

2) Sending Mail

Picture 5

5 Responses

  1. C. J. says:

    This worked like a charm. Thank you so much for posting

  2. Eric Escoto says:

    C. J. Wrote:
    ” This worked like a charm…”

    C. J. is very right! Thank you for posing this! (:

  3. Russell Scott says:

    Spot on instructions, helped solve a problem that has caused me some serious angst for a week.

  4. cecilia says:

    Glad I found this when I googled my entourage problem… it’s the only solution that worked. thank you!

  5. Martin says:

    Recently, every morning I have this error. Entoruage fails to authenticate with att/yahoo mail servers. I then log into, change my password (to a new one, or to a new one and back again, both seems to work), and then Entourage works for a day just fine. Next morning same thing. Web based email works fine, just Entourage has the problem. AT&T says the problem is with Entourage, and not their servers. (Really? Entourage was fine for 3 years and now there’s a prblem with it? and it seems to break every night?) They are pushing me to pay for their ConnecTech service. But, until they own up to a problem on their end, I’ll just have ot call ConnecTech everyday. Which may be jsut as bad as resetting my password daily.

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