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How to Reset Apple Keychain

Kill those annoying Keychain popups: If you ever reset your password on a Mac, applications will prompt that you re-enter your keychain passwords. The problem arises because some apps are using forgotten passwords from years ago causing...


The Best Way to Protect Your Password

Tips on how to best protect your passwords on sites like forums, blogs and most of all banking sites. This since updated the post to include some popular password manage apps to help you...


Incipio iPhone 5 OVRMLD cases

I purchased my first Incipio iPhone case when I upgraded from Droid X to the iPhone 4s. I placed my order on Amazon and that same day getting out of my van, my iPhone...


Mobile Form using CSS3 and Webkit

Looking for a way to style your mobile website form using round radius corners, colorful gradation backgrounds and placeholder text for text fields. With the new CSS3 tag attribute, we are now able to...

Mac Android Development – Publish to Device 0

Mac Android Development – Publish to Device

Having problems getting your newly developed Android app to run on your device using a Mac? Well this is the missing puzzle that not many people know. You have to change your application setting...