Dreamweaver fails to include dependent files

Dreamweaver fails to prompt for included dependent files when putting. Here is the Solution!

The dialog box to automatically upload dependent files does not come up when putting files.

The Don’t Ask Me Again check box was checked when files were put on some prior occasion.

If you want to be prompted to upload dependent files, follow the directions below:
Solution one – Dreamweaver 4 – Macintosh and Windows, Dreamweaver 3 – Mac
1 Choose Edit > Preferences.
2 Select the Site category.
3 Under Dependent Files, check Prompt on Put/Check In.

Another option is to hold down the ‘Shift’ key (Windows) or the ‘option’ key (Macintosh) while putting the files. This will bring up the ‘Include Dependent Files’ dialog box.

Solution two – Dreamweaver 3 – Windows
1 Hold down the ‘Alt’ key while putting the files.

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