Embed QuickTime Movies with Custom Embed Tags

How to hide the controller player, change movie background and auto start to the embed QuickTime mov file. AUTOPLAY=value (optional…requires QuickTime 3 or later)

AUTOPLAY attribute causes the movie to start playing as soon as the QuickTime Plug-In estimates that it will be able to play the entire movie without waiting for additional data when set to TRUE. AUTOPLAY can either be set to TRUE or FALSE. The default behavior is set by the user in the ‘QuickTime Plug-in Settings.’

<embed src=”sample.mov” width=”200″ height=”240″ autoplay=”true”>

AUTOHREF=value (optional…requires QuickTime 4 or later)

Load movie file immediately without waiting on a mouse click, The default value is set to FALSE:

<embed src=”sample.mov” width=”200″ height=”240″ href=”http://dns/foo.mov” autohref=”true”>

BGCOLOR=hex value (optional…requires QuickTime 3 or later)

This attribute sets the background color for any eara that’s not occupied by the movie. For example, if a 160×120 movie was embedded in a space of 200×120, there would be 40 pixels of undefined color space in the width. Specifying the hex value of the background color will fill the undefined space with the value specified.

<embed src=”sample.mov” width=”200″ height=”240″ bgcolor=”000000″>

CONTROLLER=value(optional…requires QuickTime 3 or later)

You can hide the QuickTime player controller by setting the CONTROLLER attribute to FALSE. This will effect the visibility of the movie controller. CONTROLLER can either be TRUE or FALSE. By default, CONTROLLER is TRUE.

Note: For compatibility with existing web pages, the default is FALSE for QuickTime VR movies, image files, and flash files.

Note 2: For poster movies, you would normally set controller=”false”.

<embed src=”sample.mov” width=”200″ height=”240″ controller=”false”>

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