Incipio iPhone 5 OVRMLD cases

I purchased my first Incipio iPhone case when I upgraded from Droid X to the iPhone 4s. I placed my order on Amazon and that same day getting out of my van, my iPhone sliped out of jacked pocket and hit the garage floor chipping the tip of the touch glass.

Needles to say the case came in the mail within two day and fit my iPhone like a glove. Not only did it fit, it was a sturdy  slick black minimalist style case. It protects the critical areas (corners, camera and back) and provides a confortable grippy feel when clutching your phone in the palm of your hand. The plastic is not too rubbery and easy to slip in and out of your pocked wich is an important feature. The lip of the case protects the front glass from suspect surfaces.

Anyway, since my first purchase, Incipio has released a new line of products for Apple’s new iPhone 5. Here are a few photos and videos below or you can order here more information »

Overall, the Incipio OVRMLD is a nifty iPhone 5 case.

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