Javascript Enabled Warning Message

How to detect if a browser’s javascript is enabled or disabled and display a message.

If javascript is not enabled on your visitor’s browser, here is a tip on how to warn them to turn it on or to use the latest browsers.

Place your warning message between the tags <NOSCRIPT> and </NOSCRIPT>. Here is an example:

<font color=red>
<H3>This page uses JavaScript</H3>
<li>Please use Netscape Navigator 3 or Internet Explorer 3
<li>Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

JavaScript enabled web browsers will ignore all of the text between <NOSCRIPT> …and..</NOSCRIPT>. Browsers that can’t execute JavaScript will display your warning message in the location that you have placed the nonscrip message.

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    Don't forget to close your LI tags!

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