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Banner Image Builder 1

Banner Image Builder

This Extension creates a sequence of Images that change at specified intervals. Each Image can have its unique link. This can also be used to create Animated JPEG, by assigning a sequence of JPEGs....

Alert Boxes 2

Alert Boxes

Alert boxes are small popup boxes that are triggered by user events. Here are a few good examples on how to alert your users.

overLIB 0


overLIB is a JavaScript library created to enhance websites with small popup information boxes (tooltips) to help visitors around your website.

Delete Warning 0

Delete Warning

Javascript that alert users when clicking on sensitive links (like delete or update links). You can customize the message with option to continue or cancel. Works great with PHP, ASP, and Perl administration sites.

PHP Include and Require Functions 0

PHP Include and Require Functions

Speed up your developing by using PHP include() and require() functions. Learn how to include multiple files into one PHP file and learn why this is useful in this short lesson.