SEO may not be that important to Brand Sites

Take the example given at, on the conception of Google. Google did not rely on SEO to become the number one search engine on the planet. It relied heavily on quality of the brand. People fail in love with it, and became buzz Worthy.  You have to build a quality product first than launch your brand site. Once you do, use all the tools necessary to maintain a healthy and profitable web site by review your analytics, inspire brand loyalty, build direct traffic, and perhaps affiliate networks, so that SEO and SEM aren’t the only source for your B2P or B2B.

For more example of why SEO and SEM is not the end all to marketing your band site, just take a look at all of the brand site listed on site. There you will find hot sexy sites all done in flash (flash is a SEO killer), yet I don’t believe these company are fearful of losting business even though their sites are not SEO complient. Why is that? For kicks, please leave your thought below as to my these companies contenue to use flash and other media that are not conducive to high page ranking.

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