The Best Way to Protect Your Password

Tips on how to best protect your passwords on sites like forums, blogs and most of all banking sites. This since updated the post to include some popular password manage apps to help you with multiple site credentials.

Updated: 9/2014

Since I wrote this article in 2008. There has been plenty of cloud password management sites developed with Last Pass being the most popular once. I use it. And Lord knows I have way too many website passwords to keep track of. There are also offline applications like Password Safe (PC only). The deference between online and offline apps is that the online solutions, although they make your passwords available from any of your computers with the plugin installed, it caries the most risk. Mostly because the online database could be hacked, given over to law enforcement or access by internal staff. And because these online apps rely on third party browsers via plugins, it’s even more vulnerable relying on the browser security.

For most people, the risks are acceptable and better than using the same password for every website. I would suggest thought that you avoid adding your most important account like banks and memorize those to be safe.

Original article: 10/2008

Tips on how to best protect your passwords on sites like forums, blogs and most of all banking sites.

Article: How I Stole Someones Identity

If you do not read this above article, the bottom line is do not use real info when creating reset password answers because people could easily find that info on the web.

Also do not post personal info on blogs or other social network site. Ease target for hackers looking for data.

Also here is my own personal convection about passwords: Never use the same password for more than one web site. For example say your password at was the same for The owner at is shady, and is always taking his users passwords to see if they are using them on known banking sites. He tries your info at and is granted access to your account.

Now your banking account is drained all because you were to lazy to create new or modified passwords for each site you use.

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