The Flexibility of PHP

To find out more about the flexibility of PHP and what it can do for your website, then this is a must see, 3 chapter story. Take a look at this and then look at the wonders.

The master flexibility of PHP is unstoppable. If you already heard of PHP, then you know what I am exactly talking about.

PHP can be used in a number of things, ranging from making photo albums that visitors can upload photo from their computer or even creating a script to showing how many users online, or even a Content Management System (CMS). PHP is a definite, must learn language if you want the most ultimate performance in web designing today.

But what exactly can fPHP flex out to be, well let’s do a small test, now I know you see this every where, even on here (New Source Media), but let’s take one diagnostic test, upload this to a blank Notepad document:

echo ‘Your are running on ‘ . phpversion . ‘ version’;

That will process out what I like to call, PHP Summary, which will show the credentials of who made PHP, the latest PHP Information and the PHP version. If it does not work, contact me cause it is compiled.

PHP also has a variety of other things, but just like with me, you have to learn, to get more details, re-locate to Thanks and look for more of my PHP tutorials.

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