WordPress vs Drupal and Joomla

The choice of content management system for a website or blog consists of three applications. A user has the option of Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. The pros and cons of each application will need to be reviewed prior to making a decision.


This application is a good choice for almost anything a website developer wants to do. New features of Drupal are added via modules. Developers create and maintain modules for various clients, but are still available to regular users for free. If users have had previous experience with other systems available for website developers, then Drupal is an excellent choice. This is the best option for a complex website.

One downside to Drupal is that the application is a bit difficult for a non-developer. Improvements that have been made to later releases have made the application easier to use. However, users often find the system more difficult than WordPress.


The interface for admins is both user-friendly and powerful. This is a good option for a blog or a website that has large numbers of articles and content. Users who do not want to add many features may prefer to use Joomla over other applications. If some features are necessary, then the K2 components is where to start.

This platform sits in the middle between Drupal and WordPress. The system is not quite as easy for the regular user and not quite as friendly to developers as Drupal. Joomla is not the best option for users if extra features are needed for a website or blog. Modules that can be added are difficult to maintain and to find.


The WordPress platform has grown beyond an application to maintain a blog. This system is now used to create a website for multiple authors and for specialized content. Features that can be added to websites are known as plug-ins and there are literally thousands available from a number of developers. WordPress is a great option for users who want an easy to learn application with a well-designed user interface.

Websites that require heavy customization may be limited with the options in WordPress. One downside is that most core upgrades to the system will require updating plug-ins or they may not function correctly.

And the winner is…

The ease of use and the plug-ins available make WordPress the best application to use as a content management system. If you prefer one option over any other, then please tell us why.

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