Eyedropper Tool Key Commands

Learn the eyedrop key commands to select color samples from placed images, desktop items, and other opened applications.

The company I am working for just moved over to the new Illustrator 10 on the MAC OS X, and it seamed as though my eyedrop tool was not working properly. I was trying to sample color from a placed image inside my Illustrator document so that my vector object could match the image. This did not work, but thanks to a fellow co-worker, I now know the trick (key commands) to select color samples from images, desktop items, and also from other opened application windows.

Selecting Image Colors

To select a color sample from an image inside an Illustrator document, select the eyedropper tool, hold down the shift key and click the target area of the image. The color should show up in the fill or stroke box in the tools bar.

Selecting Colors from Desktop and Application Items

Select the eyedropper tool and position your mouse anywhere on the Illustrator document. Click, holding down the mouse, drag out of the Illustrator document to the targeted desktop item or application window to sample the color. The color should show up in the fill or stroke box in the tools bar.

That’s it. For additional help on this topic, please check the forum under Illustrator or you may want to check out Illustrator 10 Classroom in a Book by Adobe Creative Team

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  1. i had trouble with this as well and was very frustrated until i read this… i even asked many forums and other vector artists but none told me any answers… thanks again.. i finally can start on my vector projects!!!

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