Flash AS3 using FLVPlayback and Full Screen Mode

How to use the flash Full Screen Mode and video FLVPlayback Component for scaling your stage and movieclips.

Today I have come to learn that you can create your own full screen button like the built-in button function from the FLV player skin in Flash CS3.

Here is the code:

// things you may import in the future to customize this code
import flash.display.Stage;
import flash.display.StageAlign;
import flash.display.StageScaleMode;
import flash.events.Event;
import flash.display.StageDisplayState;

stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN
//or set it to normal like: stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.NORMAL;

Problem: Video is taking over the screen. Where did my text, graphics and buttons go?

When displaying video in your flash file by using FLVPlayback and you enter Full Screen Mode, the video will take over the screen. To prevent this from happening, you will have to add the code below:

NOTE: When the stage enters full-screen mode, the FLVPlayback component is on top of all content and takes over the entire screen. When the stage exits full-screen mode, the screen returns to how it was before.

// say your FLVPlayback component is named “myPlayer”:
myPlayer.fullScreenTakeOver = false;

This can also be used to fix the playback in flash Projector files as well.

Edit your html file in three places to allow full screen mode

One more thing to note is that you will have to edit your html page to allow for Full Screen Mode viewing. Publish your flash with the html option and open your html page. and look for “allowFullScreen” in three places:

1) Javascript AC_FL_RunContent code

2) Flash Object tag

3) Flash Embed tag

and set them all to “true”.

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24 thoughts on “Flash AS3 using FLVPlayback and Full Screen Mode

  1. This is close to what I am experiencing, except that the whole screen goes black as soon as it loads an external SWF. I tried this code and it still doesn't work properly. I am developing a kiosk that has to be full screen, and nothing seems to be working right, Can you help?

  2. Hi,

    I’m unable to see my player control in fullscreen mode, I’m have customized the player controls, fullscreen mode is happening but unable to see my control above it.

    Any help would be great.

  3. You can’t just put the code anywhere, I made it work by putting it where the player is created:
    my_player = new FLVPlayback();
    my_player.fullScreenTakeOver = false;

    It wouldn’t work if I just placed it before:
    stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN

    Anyway, it works for me!

  4. Seems to work for me but then scaling down on video exits fullscreen of stage. Hmmmm. 🙂 At least one part seems to be working. Thanks!

  5. OMFG You have no idea how long I’ve been searching Adobe docs trying to find the reason why my FLVPlayer was behaving strangely when my projector was going fullscreen. Thank you being my random saviour!

  6. You saved my computer from taking a bath in the river! Thanks a lot! This is exactly what i was looking for! Too bad that Adobe does such an excellent job hiding those little details in the docs 😉
    Thanks again!

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