QuickTime Size Attribute to Fit or Scale Aspect Ratio

How to set the size or scale the aspect ratio of a QuickTime video to a supplied size.

HEIGHT=size in pixels (Required) & WIDTH=size in pixels (required)

You can set the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the QuickTime embed attributes to match the size of the movie or to crop the movie to the set dimensions. For example if you set the size smaller than the source movie, you could cut off the controllers at the bottom of the player. To force the video to a smaller scale, you will have to set the SCALE attribute (see below). If you supply a height or width that is greater than the movie, the movie will be centered inside this embed size. The HEIGHT and the WIDTH of the movie can be found by choosing ‘Get Info…’ in the ‘Movie’ menu within QuickTime Player.

Note:Never specify a height of less than 2 as this can cause problems with some browsers.

Note 2:If the movie controller is visible, an additional 16 pixels will need to added.

<embed src=”sample.mov” width=”200″ height=”240″ controller=”true”>

SCALE=value (optional…requires QuickTime 3)

SCALE is either TOFIT, ASPECT or a number. By default the value of SCALE is 1. If set to TOFIT, the movie is scaled to fit the embedded box as specified by the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes. If this is set to ASPECT, the movie will scale to fit the embedded box while maintaining the aspect ratio. If this is set with a number, the movie will be scaled by that number (e.g. 1.5). Note: Using the number scale attribute with a QTVR Panorama movie can degrade the performance of the movie even on high-end systems.

<embed src=”sample.mov” width=”200″ height=”240″ scale=”tofit”>

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