iPod stuck on eject before disconnecting screen

My wife’s iPod mini got stuck on the “connected, eject before disconnecting” screen. She was so upset because this was a replacement for the first bad iPod mini. This time it wasn’t the mini, it was a human error.

To reset the iPod mini, or any iPod for that with the wheel, toggle the top hold switch on and off then press and hold the middle select button and the “menu” button togather for a few seconds (until it resets to the apple logo).
The problem, I’m sure, was failed to disconnect the iPod before ejecting it from the iTunes device list.

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Adobe Flash not on Apple iPad or iPhone


Why is it that Apple refuse to assets Adobe in their effort to deploy Flash on iPhones and iPads? Some people believe that Apple fearful that Flash will reek havoc on their battery life. Some think it’s purly profit driven. Think about it. Apple only used Flash on their web site for about a year or two before strictly used QuickTime to handle all of their site’s rich-media content. So they are keep in the same vain by not supporting flash on their Mobile devices.

As a consumer and as a Flash developer, I’m split on this issue. Why? Well I’ve been a Apple user (designer) long before I became a Flash user (developer). Plus I’ve always enjoyed Apple product because they have the tendency of being much more stable than their competitors.

I do feel that Adobe is getting the short end of the stick though. Together, Apple’s OS coupled with Adobe’s creative suits has been such a perfect relationship for those of us in the creative industry. But now with all of the new growth that Apple has had in the mobile sector, they are leaving Adobe to fend for themselves.

The good new is Adobe took some huge steps to remedy this problem by adding a new publishing option in the new Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5. We will now beable to publish AS3 projects files as native iPhone apps. I’m note sure on all the technoligy behine it but they have a few apps up on line now ready for your iPhone… all build using Adobe CS5 beta. Here are a few iPhone applications build using Flash and downloadable via the Apple App Store.


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Can’t delete file on external hard drive – Mac

I ran out of space on my external hard drive so I selected some folder file and pressed command-delete on my keyboard. They files looked as if though they were deleted but I notice the available space did not budge. I knew right than it was time to whip out the terminal to force the hard drive in to submission.

1) Type these command into Terminal window. MAKE SURE TO replace “disk” with the name of your external drive. If you have a problem creating a path to your external hard drive, type “cd” than a space and drag the icon of your hard drive to the terminal window. A path will be filled in automatically.


cd /Volumes/disk

2) Type out the remove command on then hidden trash directory.


sudo rm -rf .Trashes

3) It will ask you for your password. You will not see your password as you type for extra security. Once you are done,  press enter.



If you have a lot of files that needed deleting (ex: over 20GB) you may notice a dalyed response. If so, just keep an eye on the drive’s avalible memory and you will notice a gradual increase of space right before your vary eyes.

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