Setting up AOL Mail with your Entourage App

To my surprise, I was excited to find there is an easy way to setup my AOL mail using my favorite email application… Entourage!

Here’s how:

AOL’s new free AIM.COM accounts can also use IMAP and are configured identically – except, of course, for replacing ‘AOL.COM’ with ‘AIM.COM.’

AOL’s official documentation can be found here.

AOL also has instructions specific to Entourage here.

Use the following step-by-step instructions, or see AOL’s Entourage Instructions. See Accounts Setup for more information on creating a new IMAP account in Entourage.

  1. Choose Accounts from the Tools menu. You will be given a list of your current accounts (if any). Click on the New button in the upper-left corner of the window.
  2. You will be given a choice of types of accounts you can create. Choose IMAP.
  3. You will be presented with the Edit Account window (screenshot):
    • Account name: This is the descriptive name for your account. Choose whatever you want.
    • Include this account in my “Send & Receive All” schedule: Optional, decide if you want to check this account when checking others. See Schedules for more information.
    • Name: This is the name that people will see on your messages. Choose anything, but choose something you don’t mind broadcasting to the world.
    • E-mail address: This must be your AOL email address. Remove any spaces and add “” to the end. Case doesn’t matter. For example, “1 Surfin Guy” becomes “” or “”
    • Account ID: Your AOL Screen Name. Remove any spaces, case doesn’t matter.
    • IMAP server: Enter
    • Save password: Enter and save your AOL password here if your computer is secure. If not, leave this blank and you will be prompted prior to checking mail.
    • Click here for advanced receiving options: You do not need to modify any of these settings.
    • SMTP server: Enter
  4. Click on Click here for advanced sending options. Check the box titled Override default SMTP port and type “587” into the corresponding box. Check the boxes titled SMTP server requires authentication and Use the same settings as incoming mail server
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