New Back To The Future Nike Shoes

Nike unveils their Back To the Future II self-lacing MAG, Marty MclFly’s sneakers. Leading up to this event, there have been several viral videos on YouTube. Some featuring Michael J. Fox and others feature Christopher Lloyd.

These new kicks are designed to be an exact replica of the original shoe with LED panels and a luminescent Nike logo centered on the strap powered by a rechargeable battery. The lights comes with an on and off switch located on the ear of the high top. Each charge will last five hours.

A limited number of shoes will be put up for auction to raise money for charity. You may be able to purchase a pair on eBay out of the list of 1,500 available.

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10 Great Business Card Designs for Inspiration

If you’re searching for inspiration to create a hot and sexy business card, take a gander at these 10 eye-catching designs. All of these designs have a modern, sporting, slick and sophisticated feel to them. One would think that business cards would have become obsolete by now, done in by all the social networking sites and mobile apps. But that’s not the case for live events. Business cards are still very much apart of network functions and meetings. And a well-designed card can give you an advantage over your competitors. Here are 10 fabulous business card designs.
Business Card Design - Black and Green

Business Card Design - Green, White, Orange and Gray

Business Card Design - Orange and White

Business Card Design - Orange and White

Business Card Design - Red and White

Business Card Design - Clear Orange and White

Business Card - Green and Gray

Business Card Design - White and Blue

Business Card Design - Black and Red

Black and White Business Card Design

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What should Apple produce next?

I’ve been thinking. Why haven’t these big computer companies tapped in to the high-end watch market. Think of all the cool synced content they could push to a dazzling digital watch. Facebook updates, weather, tweets, email notifications, and QR codes. This leads me to believe that there are still a lot of stones unturned when it come to digital devices. What do you guys and girls think?

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Behance creative network launched ten new sites

Behance network of served site is growing. These site feature top featured projects from their main Behance site by category. This move was to help highlight artist work on a more relevant URL allowing the creative to stand under it’s own category with out being surrounded by non-related projects. For those who contributes, this will give you even more the exposure you deserve.

Here are a few of their new web sites: