Mobile Form using CSS3 and Webkit

Looking for a way to style your mobile website form using round radius corners, colorful gradation backgrounds and placeholder text for text fields.

With the new CSS3 tag attribute, we are now able to target specific types of form tags using the [type=] attribute selector. See image below for the type of form you can create at the following URL:…css3-and-webkit


Mac Android Development – Publish to Device

Having problems getting your newly developed Android app to run on your device using a Mac? Well this is the missing puzzle that not many people know. You have to change your application setting in your Android phone first in order for your Android SKD to find the device USB location (if your on a PC, you’ll have to run a second USB support application). Here’s how: Continue reading “Mac Android Development – Publish to Device”

BlackBerry Storm Delete Multiple Emails

On my Blackberry Storm 9500, I had a hard time finding how to delete multiple messages from my email accounts because I started noticing that the BB OS was running slow and constantly displayed the progress watch. Here are two methods for deleting multiple messages.

  1. Use two figures and select two messages simultaneously. To select additional messages, slide one of those fingers across other messages. They should highlight in a light blue color.
  2. Press the Menu button (the Blackberry icon).
  3. Select Delete Messages.

Or you can also go about this using the time period bar. This bar is used to group the messages by day/time span.

  1. Select the time period bar.
  2. Press the Menu button (the Blackberry icon).
  3. Select Delete Prior.
  4. Select Delete.
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Flash on iPhone coming soon via Adobe CS5

The new Adobe CS5 Flash will now give flash developer the ability to publish their flash content as an iPhone application. Flash alread allows developers to publish as SWFs, Projector files, and as QuickTime movies. This does not mean that iPhone users will be able to view flash content through the iPhone’s web browser. That’s Apples restriction. What Adobe has done is allow developers to repackage existing flash content as an iPhone application.


This will increase the number of apps available on iTunes store. This will also give agencies and software companies access to a market place that may have shied away from because of a lack of technical resources or fear of outsourcing.

Flash developers will have to follow the same requirement for deployment as other iPhone app developers. They will have to join Apples iPhone Developers Program and follow their guidelines. One of the requirements is to obtain a certificate from Apple in order to test and distribute your app through the iTunes store.

You can find books on Amizon already geared for Flash iPhone development. There is one by The Essential Guide to iPhone Application Development for Flash Users (Paperback).

If you can’t wait for Adobe and want to dive right in to iPhone application development, here are a few books to help you start building apps.

iPhone Advanced Projects (Paperback)
iPhone Application Development For Dummies

For more info on Apples requirements, you can view them here:

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